3 Best Geysers / Water Heaters in India (2023): Instant type

Heaters/ Geysers have now become the everyday needs of people and especially in winter, its importance is much more. There are larger varieties of water heaters of different brands, capacity, style, etc. in the market. Finding the best suitable Best Geysers / Water Heaters is a very time-consuming job.
This review article is on Portable Electric Instant water heaters of capacity less than 5 Liters. This much capacity can be suitable for a small family of 2-3 persons with a bath using a bucket. We studied and compared many geysers in this capacity and filtered 3 Best Geysers/Water Heaters (Instant). I hope, this will make your buying decision easy and save valuable time.

Features considered to review Best Geysers / Water Heaters

Type of Water Heater – Domestic Water heaters are mainly classified on the following criteria.

             Input Energy source – Electric / Gas/ Solar

             Water storage type – Instant / Storage type

Capacity – The capacity of a water heater depends upon the number of members in family and water consumption. If your family is of 2-3 persons and taking bath using bucket or usage in Kitchen then you can go for Instant water heaters.  For bigger families with bath, using a shower may need storage geyser of capacity 10-25 Liters.

Energy consumption – Electricity consumption directly impacts our electricity bill. Therefore, a product with better energy efficiency and features should be considered.

Durability- This means the useful life the product will give. This depends upon the quality of material and features incorporated to improve life. In water heaters, Tank and Heating Element quality is very important. It should be Corrosion-resistant, reliable, efficient and long-lasting.

Installation space – Product dimensions and available installation space should be considered.

Safety –  As we are going to install a water heater in our home, the safety factor is most important. Always go for products with the highest safety features.

Warranty – Must consider products offering a higher warranty.

Aesthetics – It is related to the beauty, Look of the Product. Digital displays, LED indicators add to better visibility.

We searched many Electric Instant water heaters available on shopping sites with respect to the above factors and filtered the Best three Instant water Heaters / Geysers. This can help a buyer to reduce product search time and make buying decisions easy.


3 Best Geysers/water heaters in India-Instant Type


1. Racold Pronto Neo (3 Litres, Instant)

Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater

Racold is India’s trusted brand of water heaters from the house of Ariston. The company has a portfolio of premium quality products that cover the entire spectrum of water heating solutions. They have a wide range of electrical, gas and solar water heaters. These are suitable for all sectors ranging from domestic to commercial and industrial, with various capacity, size, colours.


Type Instant
Power 3000 Watts and 4500 Watts.
Capacity 3 Liters
Durability PUF Insulation.
Electric consumption Faster Heating. You get hot water in a short time because of its high power heating element.
Product Dimensions 33.5 x 20.9 x 20.5 cm ; 3.28 Kg.
Safety Its stem-type thermostat and power cutout ensures automatic temperature control and safety.

No Back Flow of Water: The anti-syphoning system prevents the backflow of water from the container. This avoids dry heating.

Safety valve.

High pressure withstanding capacity.

Warranty Offers a warranty of 2 years on Product, Heating Element and 5 years on Tank.
Aesthetics Compact Elegant Italian design.



2. Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant

Bajaj Flora Instant 3 LTR Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) is a renowned and trusted company in Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting). The company has a widespread of branch offices, a chain of distributors, authorized dealers, retail outlets, showrooms throughout India. They have a wide range of water heaters, come in different capacities, so you can choose the water heater according to your family size.

Type 3 Litres, Instant water heater. Wattage: 3000 Watts. The rated voltage is 230 volts.
Power 3000Watts and 4500Watts
Capacity 3 Liters
Durability Thermoplastic outer body – prevents rusting and corrosion.

Efficient heating element for longer life.

Electric consumption Neon indicator for ‘Power On’ and ‘Heating’ – gives a status of water heating and readiness
Product Dimensions 26.5 X 26.5  X 44 (cms)
Safety Its 8 Bar high Pressure withstanding capacity enables it to use in high-rise buildings.

Fire retardant cable is provided for additional safety from hazards.

Warranty It offers a warranty of 2 years on product, 5 years on inner tank
Aesthetics Compact design, Elegant body shell.


3. Crompton Greaves Bliss 3-Litre Instant

Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater

Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. manufactures and markets a wide range of consumer products ranging from fans, light sources and luminaires, pumps and household appliances, such as geysers, mixer grinders, toasters, and irons.  They have a wide range of water heaters of different capacities to suit needs according to consumption.

Type Instant
Power 3000 watts
Capacity 3 liters
Durability Stainless steel weldless tank. Retains heat & Improves performance.

Rust free ABS body

Electric consumption Special type of copper element- ensures fast heating.

Led indicators-indicate the functioning of a geyser.

Product Dimensions


26.5 cm (l) x 22 cm (W) x 42.5 cm (H).

weight – 3.5 kg

Safety Multifunctional safety valve.

6.5 bar pressure.

ANTI- SIPHON PROTECTION-water heater is designed to prevent any backflow of water from the tank and protects the heating element from any dry heating damage.

High precision thermostat, reset knob and pre-set thermal cut-out.

Warranty 2 years on product.
Aesthetics Sleek Design.

3 Best Geysers/Water Heaters Specification Comparison (Instant type)

Racold Pronto Neo 3L Bajaj Flora 3L Crompton Greaves Bliss 3L
Capacity 3L 3L 3L
Power 3000W & 4500W 3000W & 4500W 3000W
Product Dimensions 33.5 x 20.9 x 20.5 cm ; 3.28 Kg 26.5 cms X 26.5 cms X 44 cms 26.5 cm  x 22 cm x 42.5 cm ; 3.5 kg
Warranty 2 years, 5 years on Tank 2 years and 5 years on inner tank 2 years on product


Advantages of Instant Water Heaters / Geysers

  • Portable and requires less installation space.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Affordable
  • Gives hot water supply instantly.
  • Less power consumption

Limitations of Instant Water Heaters / Geysers

  • Not suitable for Shower, laundry or high water usage.
  • Hot water outlet flow is small.

Geysers / Water Heater safety tips

Because the Electric water heater is a part of our home and is powered by electricity, its safety is very much important. Ignorance to safety can put home and family in danger. The following are the safety tips every user should know.

  • Switch ON water heater only after ensuring intake water supply and water coming from the outlet.
  • Switch OFF water heater when not in use.
  • Keep water heater surrounding area clean and free from hazardous material like paper, plastic, garbage or any other inflammable material.
  • Get water heater regularly serviced from authorized service centers.
  • Always use original spare parts.
  • Regularly inspect the water heater for leakages, damages, Electrical wire connections, proper wire insulation from an authorized person.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding instant water heaters/Geysers, please feel free to write to us in the comment section below. We will replay to you at the earliest.