Best Cheapest Smartwatch Under 5000 in India 2021: Reviews

Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India: Review & buying guideAre you planning to buy a new watch? Then why not go for a smartwatch? Due to the continuously advancing technology smartwatches have become a lot smarter than they were before. If you are confused about selection then our list of the best cheapest smartwatch under 5000 in India can help to find your best fitness tracker in an affordable budget.

Smartwatch can be seen as a compact form of computer that can be worn on hand like a wristwatch. A smartwatch has a touchscreen display for performing actions. Smartwatches don’t just tell you the time but they can do a lot more things which include fitness tracking, receiving calls, messages and social media notifications, and entertainment, and much more. Smartwatches give you a lot of conveniences. At times when you can’t reach for your phone, you can be easily notified about your incoming calls and messages on your wrist. This is very beneficial when you are driving or exercising.

Best and advanced Smartwatches are quite expensive so you must invest your money in a watch that is best suitable for you. You need to decide the things you want on your watch. Selecting the best smartwatch can be difficult and this article will help you understand this product.

Before going ahead in details of Smartwatches let’s have quick look at our top picks. Though the price of these watches is high, the companies offer good discounts and can be available under Rs. 5000 in offer.

Best Budget Smartwatches under 5000 in India

 Smart WatchPrice
1Noise Colorfit pro 2 | 1.33 inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon
2Amazfit bip S | 1.28 inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon
3Holyhigh Smart watch | 1.3 inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon
4Noise Colorfit Nav | 1.4 inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon
5Amazfit Huami bip | 1.28 inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon
6Noise Noisefit Evolve | 1.2inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon
7Muzili Smart watch | 1.3inch | WaterproofCheck On Amazon


Benefits of using Smartwatches

Fitness tracker

Smartwatches work as great fitness trackers therefore it is also called a fitness smartwatch. They have built-in fitness features that can count your steps, distance traveled, calories consumed, heart rate, sleep time, blood pressure, etc.

Smartwatches can even track workout activities like running, swimming, cycling. Some watches are even made waterproof. These are exceptionally good for swimmers. You must move regularly to stay fit. When you sit idle for a long time smartwatches notify you to move. Buying yourself a smartwatch is very beneficial as a smartwatch will encourage you to stay fit and healthy and also help you reach your fitness goals easily.


Best cheapest Smartwatch Under 5000 in India: Reviews & buying guide


Receive calls and messages instantly

When you have a smartwatch on your wrist you can receive calls and messages on the go. Some smartwatches notify you about an incoming call while some let you pick the call. This feature is useful when your hands are full and you can’t reach out for your phone or when you are exercising. It is very inconvenient to search for your phone every time it rings. With smartwatches, you can just glance at your wrist and pick up the call or reply to messages with ease. Smartwatches make communication easier for you and this is one of the main reasons you should think of buying it.


Many smartwatches have navigation features built-in them. Your smartwatch can tell you which turn you have to take next and can get you to your destination easily. Instead of looking at your phone constantly which can be inconvenient in a crowded street also increasing the chances of dropping your mobile. You can just look at your watch in a second and know your way. Smartwatches are easier to use instead of mobile and maps. These are of great convenience to tourists.

Social media notifications

Some people have the habit of checking for their social media notifications constantly. Imagine if you get all your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter notifications on your wrist wouldn’t it be very convenient instead of looking at your mobile repeatedly. You can stay connected and be notified about important messages even when you are in a meeting or when you are exercising. If you get yourself a waterproof smartwatch you can even check messages and respond to them while it is raining.

Find your phone easily

Losing your phone can be very frustrating. You may sometimes spend hours finding it. Smartwatches bring a solution to your problem. The feature “ Find my phone ” enables you to connect your phone and smartwatch and you can ring your mobile. With this feature, you can find your phone easily within seconds. Now you won’t waste your time and energy in finding your phone.

Entertainment on your wrist

With a smartwatch on your wrist, you can listen to music or watch videos on the go. Some smartwatches even let you store music and you can play them anywhere while exercising or traveling. It is very convenient to handle the small watch on your wrist when you are exercising instead of carrying your phone in your hands. You just need headphones and you can listen to your favorite music.

Other benefits

This is not all smartwatch have many other benefits like longer battery life some watches when fully charged can work for 4 – 10 days or even more. You can also customize your watch screen as per your wish. Many watches allow you to pay through them just you have to click some buttons and you can do contactless payment without even having the need of using your phone.

So smartwatches don’t just tell you the time they are a lot more than that. So it is quite beneficial for you to think of buying a smartwatch.

[ For more information on features click on the Buying Guide provided in the latter part of this article ]


Best Cheapest Smartwatch under 5000 in India

Selecting the cheapest yet best smartwatch can be a difficult task. The premium feature smartwatches are highly-priced. Hence after a lot of research, we have filtered some best budget smartwatches under 5000 of the best brands like Noise, Amazfit, Holyhigh, Muzili, etc. These are selected based on the offer price at the time of review. The offer price keeps on changing. Hence always confirm the latest price before making any decision.


1. Noise colorfit pro 2 

best smartwatch under 5000 in India

The Display and design of this smartwatch is very attractive. It is available in 3 colours that are jet black, teal green, mist grey you can customize your watch with swappable straps and multiple watch faces.

The screen display size is 1.33 inches and the display has been made full capacity touch for easy operation. The weight of the watch is 35 g and along with the strong polycarbonate case, the watch is very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.

This smartwatch comes with 9 sports modes. This enables you to cover all your fitness activities which include running, walking, biking, treadmill, work-out, climb, spin, hiking, yoga.

This smartwatch gives you complete health tracking with a 24×7 heart rate monitoring system that measures your heart rate every 5 minutes, sleep tracking, calories burned, sedentary alarm, menstrual tracking, etc. You can track your health for the past 2 weeks and see an overview for the past 30 days. This helps you to be dedicated to your health and fitness.

This smartwatch has been made ip68 waterproof. This facilitates you to wear it even when it is raining or when you are sweating.

The Colorfit Pro 2 has a designed battery life of up to 10 days but it may depend on your use.

This smartwatch is compatible with current popular operating systems like ios and android. The fitness overview we talked about above can be viewed in the app Noisefit for android users and Noisefit Sport for iOS users.

You get all social media notifications, messages, and calls alert on your smartwatch.

You can also control music playback on your smartphone with the remote function.

This smartwatch from noise is a complete health tracking solution. It has all the basic features you need in a watch. This is one of the best budget smartwatch under 5000 in India with good features.

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2. Amazfit bip S Smart watch


Best Cheapest Smartwatch Under 5000 in India: Reviews


This is another best cheapest fitness smartwatch. Amazfit Bip S is available in 4 colours carbon black, red-orange, white rock, and warm pink. The 1.28-inch transflective colour display is always on. The display is even better outdoors because it looks clearer in bright sunlight.

The weight of the product is 31 g and is extremely lightweight making it comfortable to wear all day and night. This smartwatch gives you the liberty to customize your watch with more than 40 dials to choose from the watch face store.

This smartwatch supports 10 sports modes which include running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill, elliptical trainer, yoga, pool, open water, and freestyle. It also monitors your daily activities like sleep status and heart rate. The bio tracker ppg heart rate sensor performs accurate heart rate monitoring. It comes with a Huami Pai health assessment system which makes it easier to understand your tracked data.

The watch comes with a built-in Sony 28nm GPS chip for accurate route tracking. GPS can operate continuously for 22 hours.

This smartwatch is 5 atm water-resistant and has swim-tracking features hence it is a perfect swimming companion.

This smartwatch has an amazing battery life of 15 days on a typical usage scenario and of up to 40 days on a basic usage scenario.

This is compatible with android and ios. You need the Amazfit app to pair the smartwatch with your smartphone.

It gives you all incoming calls and app notification alerts. It allows you to reject or mute an incoming call.

This watch has many other useful features like an alarm clock, world clock, weather forecast and you can even control phone music playback from your watch.

If you are a person who loves to spend time outdoors then the Huami Amazfit Bip S with its great battery life and outdoor features is a perfect watch for you.

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3. Holyhigh Smart watch for men women

best fitness smartwatch under 5000 in India


Holyhigh is one of the best cheapest smartwatches under 5000 in India and is available in 4 colours black, grey, pink, and blue. The 1.3-inch colour display has full touch screen control. You can customize your watch face with multiple options. You need to raise your hand in order to wake up your screen. The product is light in weight with a weight of 41 g.

This smartwatch supports 18 sports modes like rope skipping, cycling, yoga, hiking, sit-ups, basketball running, swimming, and many more. It also records steps, calories burnt distance covered, etc.

It has many health monitoring features like heart rate, sleep monitor, blood oxygen monitoring, and stress test function. Just turn on the auto heart rate button on your watch and it will track your all-day heart rate while the blood oxygen monitoring will monitor your blood oxygen in real-time.

The sleep tracking feature analyzes your sleep time, sleep depth, etc. The stress test function tracks your stress and provides you stress readings. All of this health information helps you to know your health condition better.

This smartwatch is 5 ATM water-resistant. You also get all your swimming data like swimming laps, distance, average pace, and stroke rate. This watch allows you to do all kinds of water activities.

It has a good battery life of 7 days and is very easy to charge.

This Holyhigh smartwatch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above. To connect your smartwatch and smartphone you need to download the Zeroner health app.

Once you connect your smartwatch and phone using the Zeroner health app your smartwatch will vibrate and notify you about messages, incoming calls, etc. You will get all your social media notifications on this smartwatch so that you never miss any important call or message.

Holyhigh smartwatch has a built-in compass that helps you to find directions when you are outdoors. So with this smartwatch on your wrist, you are not going to get lost during an outdoor adventure.

This watch has a camera control and a music control option both of which are very useful. this watch has 18 sports modes which make this watch the best for people who love sports. the compass feature is also a very useful one for outdoor activities.

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4. Noise Colorfit Nav Smart watch


best budget smartwatches under 5000 in India


Noise Colorfit Nav smartwatch is available in 2 colours camo green and stealth black. The LCD full touchscreen display is 1.4 inches in size with a high resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. You can personalize your watch look with customizable and cloud-based watch faces. The weight of the product is 40 g which is very light and hence comfortable to use.

This watch comes with 10 dedicated sports modes which track your indoor and outdoor activities. The 10 sports mode includes walking, running, indoor walking, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, strength training, yoga, dance, and badminton.

This smartwatch tracks all your fitness data like heart rate, sleep, steps, and calories burnt. It comes with 6 axis sensors that accurately track steps and calorie burn. The watch also gives you sedentary alerts and hand wash reminders which are very useful in maintaining good hygiene.

This watch is waterproof and sweatproof. It is IP68 water-resistant so you don’t need to worry about your watch getting damaged when it is raining heavily.

This smartwatch works for 4 days on a single charge but it may depend on individual usage.

Noise Colorfit Nav is Android and iOS compatible. The Noisefit X app must be downloaded to connect the smartwatch with the smartphone.

You get all your social media notifications, calls, and texts alert on the smartwatch. There are some quick reply options available which you can use for text messages.

The smartwatch comes with a built-in GPS which helps you to track your runs and outdoor activities accurately.

You even have the camera and music control option on this watch. Noise Colorfit Nav is an affordable smartwatch packed with a variety of useful fitness features which include 10 sports modes, GPS, heart rate sensors, and many more.

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5. Amazfit Huami bip smartwatch a1608


Amazfit Huami Bip is available in 4 colours cinnabar red, cloud white, onyx black, and kokoda green. The 1.28 inches anti-finger transflective screen display is always on. The display is easily readable even under bright sunlight. The weight of the product is 31 g. It is very light and hence comfortable to wear all day long.

Amazfit Huami Bip supports 4 sports modes which are running, walking, indoor run, and cycling. The sports mode provides detailed stats and map routes. This smartwatch monitors your heart rate, calories burnt, sleep quality, and many more which help you to achieve your fitness goals.

The watch is waterproof and dustproof which makes it perfect for outdoor usage. 

This smartwatch has an amazing battery life of up to 45 days. So if you are looking for a watch with outstanding battery life this is perfect for you.

The smartwatch is android and ios compatible. You can check your incoming calls and messages on this smartwatch. The watch vibrates to signify calls and messages.

It has built-in GPS which helps you to track your map routes. The watch has a built-in compass function which helps you to find directions when you are outdoors.

Amazfit Huami Bip is a decent smartwatch with all the basic features you need moreover this watch has an amazing battery life of 45 days so this is a perfect watch for people who are looking forward to finding a watch with battery life as high as this.

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6. Noise Noisefit Evolve Smart watch

best smartwatches under 5000 in India

Noisefit evolve is available in 3 colours slate black, blush pink and dusk blue. It has a 1.2 inch round full touch screen display. You have the option of customizing your watch with multiple watch faces available. The aluminum alloy body gives the watch an elegant look. The straps are swappable so you can give your watch a new look on every occasion. The weight of the product is 43 g.

This smartwatch supports 9 sports modes that track your daily sports activities like walking, running, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, treadmill, yoga, mountain climbing, swimming, and freestyle.

The watch is equipped with 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracker, step counter, and calorie counter. The watch is a perfect fitness mentor which lets you achieve all your fitness goals.

It is IP68 water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain damaging your watch. Along with the swimming mode, this watch is a perfect companion for swimmers.

This smartwatch works for 3 days on a single charge with average usage. It has a 10-day standby battery life however it depends on individual usage.

Noisefit evolve is compatible with android and ios. You need to download the app Noisefit peak to connect your smartwatch with your smartphone.

Get all your call, texts, and social media notifications on this smartwatch. Stay connected to the world always with Noisefit evolve. It has a built-in compass function that will show you the correct directions and won’t let you get lost outdoors.

You can even control the camera and music with this smartwatch. It also has a find phone option using which you can find your lost phone easily.

Noisefit evolve is one of the best smartwatches under 5000 in India with a premium look accompanied by a variety of features.

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7. Muzili Smart watch IP68


Muzili smartwatch is available in 2 colours black and blue. The watch has a 1.3-inch large full touch screen display. This watch gives you the option of choosing your watch face from 4 stylish watch faces. The weight of the watch is 104 g.

The watch supports 9 sports modes like walking, running, biking, treadmill, dynamic cycling, hiking, mountaineering, yoga, fitness. Monitor all your activities like heart rate, steps, calories burned, distance, sleep, active minutes, and get to know your everyday health status.

This smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant so you don’t need to worry about water damaging your watch.

 This watch has a good battery life of 10 days and a standby battery life of 30 days.

You can get all your texts, calls, and social media notifications on this smartwatch once you connect your smartwatch and smartphone. This watch has many other helpful functions like find phone, sedentary alert, music control,

stopwatch, and timer. this Muzili smartwatch is really a good choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of a good watch at a very affordable price.

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SmartWatch Buying Guide

Before buying any product the buyer should have some basic knowledge about the product. This is to ensure that you select the best product that is suitable to fulfill your requirement. Our goal is to increase product awareness so that the buyer will get the best value for their hard-earned money.


It is important that you buy a watch which has the features you need. If you buy a smartwatch that does not give you enough features then it can disappoint you. Therefore have a clear idea of what you want before buying a smartwatch. Some of the important features you may need are.


The design of the smartwatch is a very important feature because a smartwatch is not just a gadget, it is a fashion item you would be wearing all the time and one would not like wearing a gadget that does not look good. You should decide what kind of smartwatch will look good on you a traditional round-shaped one or a square-shaped one. Most of the smartwatches come with customizable watch faces. You can even swap the watch straps according to your style and taste. It is advisable to look out for a watch that is lightweight and has comfortable watch straps because you will be wearing this watch all day long so it has to be comfortable.


This feature helps you navigate your way. In crowded and unknown places you nay required navigation support to guide and locate the destination. You can easily access this with a smartwatch. You don’t have to look constantly in your smartphone to know the way.

Bluetooth connectivity

This is the most important feature of a smartwatch. Your smartwatch should be able to sync to your smartphone. When your smartwatch is synced to your phone you can view all notifications, calls, messages, etc. on your watch.

Health features

The smartwatch is most beneficial in tracking fitness and sports activities. Your smartwatch should have all necessary health features which monitor your heart rate, sleep, steps, calories burned, etc. The sports mode features monitor activities like walking, running, indoor walking, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, badminton, strength training, yoga, dance, etc. Some watches are also equipped with a sleep tracking feature that analyzes your sleep time, sleep depth, etc. The stress test function monitors your stress and provides you stress readings. All this health information can be used to know health conditions better and that can help to achieve your fitness goals.


The smartwatch should be compatible with the latest operating systems like ios, android. This will facilitate you to connect easily with your gadgets. Ensure that the smartwatch works with your smartphone. Some watches may only work with a specific operating system.

Battery life

Battery life is one of the most important aspects you need to look out for while buying a smartwatch. Some smartwatches last for a few hours while some last for a week, 20 days, 30 days, or more. Some people prefer a battery life that lasts them an entire day while some prefer a smartwatch that can go on without charge for several days. Some watches need to be charged every night but these watches won’t work for you if you wish to track your sleep, because to monitor your sleep quality the watch has to be there on your wrist and if you leave your watch for charging while you sleep it won’t work. Therefore it is important that you buy a watch with a good battery life according to your usage.


Notifications are one of the most essential features of a smartwatch. This feature notifies the user about an incoming call, text messages, social media notifications, email notifications, etc. With this feature, you are always connected to the world. You don’t need to take out your phone every now and then to check for important notifications and messages. Some smartwatches even have quick reply options available which allow you to send a text message from the given options. The notifications feature is very useful especially when you are in a meeting or a place where you can not use your smartphone.


Who doesn’t like listening to music? Many smartwatches allow you to store songs. You can listen to them anywhere using earbuds or earphones. You can listen to them even if you don’t have your phone.


You will be wearing your smartwatch the whole day long so it is important that you buy a water-resistant smartwatch that will protect your watch from being damaged by rain. You should buy a smartwatch with IP67 or IP68 water-resistant certification. If you are a swimmer then you need to pay more attention to water resistance, your smartwatch should have significant waterproofing.


In India, smartwatches are available from Rs. 2500 to even up to Rs. 25000 depending upon the features and compatibility. The price range is very wide and therefore you need to consider your requirements and select the best suitable product. In India the smartwatches under Rs. 5000 are most popular because of their affordability.



Best Smartwatch can add value to your effort toward fitness. Therefore it should be carefully selected. the cheap, non-branded smartwatches can not give the required benefits. Though the best smartwatches are highly-priced, we have made effort to search for the best cheapest smartwatch under 5000 in India that can be within an affordable budget and give the benefits of smartwatches. We also advise handling smartwatches carefully as this is a delicate product. Hope this article will help to select your best fitness smartwatch that can benefit you in achieving a healthy and fit life.

Note: Please note that the Smartwatch is not a medical device. Therefore it should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The data and health parameters measured on the smartwatch should not be used for any medical use and treatment. This should be used for personal reference only.


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