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The kitchen is a very important section of our house where we cook food. Healthy food is essential for every human to live in. For better health, we must keep kitchen clean and also maintain the cleanliness of its surroundings.


In Indian cooking, we use a lot of oil and spices and also involves a lot of frying, grilling, Tadka. These oily fumes stick to the tiles and walls of the kitchen and make it sticky. A lot of dust, dirt is then gets deposited on walls, flooring, ceiling, and furniture start to look dirty.


Advantages of Clean Kitchen

A neat and clean kitchen is aesthetically pleasing and also beneficial to you and your family healthy.

A dirty kitchen leads to visits of Cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, etc. Regular and proper cleaning can reduce the possibility of entry of unwanted insects in your home. Dirty kitchen may result in the spread of bacteria and germs. This creates unhygienic living conditions and can cause you and your family to become ill.

A clean kitchen is easy and simple to use and gives the best user experience. You can enjoy cooking in a neat and clean cooking workplace.

Kitchen Clean Checklist

Cleaning is a very important but difficult and time-consuming job. But if it is done on a regular basis by using suitable tools as suggested in this article then it can be made simple and easy. To do it on a regular basis we have divided the tasks on different timeframes as mentioned in the following kitchen clean checklist.

Daily kitchen clean checklist

  • After every meal, dinner or snacks, clean all used pots, pans, dishes, and utensils and store them in the proper location.
  • Wipe, clean and sanitize the work counter. Use the Kitchen cleaner for better results.
  • Clean and Sanitize sink. Use liquid cleaners for better results.
  • Clean and sanitize the dining table.
  • Wipe and clean cooking tops, stoves.
  • Clean and close all used cans and containers and keep in the proper location.
  • Sweep floor and mop it by using bucket mop, Flat mop, Steam mop, etc.
  • Clean spills on Oven and turn it off.
  • Clean spills on the mixer and turn the supply switch off.
  • Clean tools like Knife, slicer, cutting pad, etc and store properly.
  • Wash Dish wiping cloths and keep for drying.
  • Clean and store all used moping equipment in the proper place.
  • Close all open trolleys and cabinets.

Weekly kitchen clean checklist

  • Clean Kitchen trolleys, shelves, and cabinets form inside. Use equipment like a Vacuum cleaner to make tasks easy and for better results.
  • Clean ovens from inside.
  • Clean and sanitize the sink thoroughly.
  • Throughout the old and unusable items in the refrigerator.
  • Clean the refrigerator from inside.
  • Clean the walls, tiles. Use Bucket mops, Steam Mop, Flat Mop, etc. for better results.
  • Replace dishtowels with clean ones.

Monthly kitchen clean checklist

  • Check utensils, pans, cookware, etc. for any crack, damage or handle loosening and rectify.
  • Clean areas below oven, refrigerator, dishwashers. Use vacuum cleaner, Mop for better results. Unplug the appliances before cleaning.
  • Clean Filters and Baffles of Kitchen Chimney. You can use a liquid cleaner, paint thinner for better results.
  • Clean Exhaust fan. Use the liquid cleaner for better results.
  • Clean the ceiling.
  • Clean the Fans.

There are large varieties of products available in the market that can help you to keep kitchen clean. Find the right, best suitable product is very difficult and time-consuming. 

We have searched for some best products that can help you to keep kitchen clean with ease.


Kitchen Chimney to Keep Kitchen Clean

The kitchen chimney can be your first choice to keep kitchen clean.

While cooking, frying or grilling a lot of fumes are generated. These oily fumes get deposited on tiles, ceiling, and flooring. Over a period of time the dust and grime deposits on these oily surfaces and make the kitchen very dirty and unhygienic.

The Chimney consists of a blower. This collects the fumes in the air and passes through the filters. Grease and grime are filtered through filter plates and the air is expelled out through exhaust pipes through a duct.

Advantages of Kitchen Chimney.

The chimney avoids deposition of fumes on tiles, Ceiling, flooring, and cabinets. Thus it ensures smell free, smokefree kitchen.

The chimney helps you to keep your flooring, walls, Ceiling, and cabinet dirt-free.

It removes unwanted smell while cooking and facilitates healthy leaving conditions.


1. Elica Auto Clean Chimney (60 cm, 1200 m3/hr) 

This kitchen chimney comes with Elegant design for a beautiful appearance. It comes with trendy touch control. It comes with easy access to all the features also you can clean it without any hassle.

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

The size of this Chimney is 60 cm and suitable for 2-4 burner stove.

Suction Capacity of 200 m3/hr suitable for kitchen size >200 sqft and heavy frying/grilling.

This Chimney comes with advanced Heat Auto Clean Technology that solves the problem of cleaning your chimney with the push of a button.

This appliance has 2 LED lamps that provide high efficiency. The LED lamps provide efficient light while cooking and make cooking easy.

It Features a baffle filter to keep kitchen smoke & oil-free. The filters are also easy to clean & maintain.

The product is robust, compact, does not occupy a lot of space and best product to keep kitchen clean.

This Chimney is designed with a separate oil collector to ensure easy cleaning. Its rust-free design ensures long life and hassle-free cleaning.

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2. Faber Auto Clean Chimney (90 cm, 1200 m3/hr)

Faber Hood Crest HC SC model is a Heat Auto clean chimney with oil Collector which comes with Filterless technology. The advanced features make it the best product to keep kitchen clean.


Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney 

Size of this Chimney is 90 cm and suitable for 3-5 burner stove.

Suction Capacity of 1200 m3/hr suitable for kitchen size >200 sqft and heavy frying/grilling.

This Chimney is packed with Metal Blower and high capacity motor. It gives a powerful suction of 1200 m3/hr.

It gives Lesser noise level to give you a calm environment in your kitchen.

Touch Control enables ease of operation and makes it easy and effortless to use.

This chimney comes with 2 LED lamps It will give a perfect amount of light while cooking by consuming very less power.

It comes with Oil collector cup to collects oils and other residues. It keeps the chimney clean.

This chimney comes with an Auto clean feature which helps to get rid of oil particles itself with one touch. Oil is stored in the oil collector which increases the life span. It also reduces the cleaning frequency of filters.

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3. Hindware Auto Clean Chimney (60cm, 1200 m3/hr) 

This Hindware Kitchen Chimney is built with superior features for best performance. Its aesthetics also adds a sparkle to your beautiful kitchen.

Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

The size of this Chimney is 60 cm and suitable for 2-4 burner stove.

The chimney comes with a powerful suction of 1200 m3/hr.

One-touch control facilitates ease of operation.

It is loaded with a powerful metallic blower to give best-in-class-performance along with high suction capacity, longer operational life, lesser power consumption, and lesser noise. 

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Best Exhaust fans To Keep Kitchen Clean

The exhaust fan is an economical solution to remove bad odors, smoke, fumes from the kitchen. It helps to keep the kitchen clean and hence it is an essential part of your home. They help to improve air quality and hence the environment.


There are large varieties of exhaust fans of various manufacturers are available in the market. We have searched a few best of them.


1. Luminous 200 mm Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe

Luminous Power Technologies has a vast product portfolio in India such as UPS, Batteries and Solar Applications, Fans, LED Lighting, Switches, and Wires.

Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

This fan has a Sweep size of 200 mm and Speed of 1350 RPM.

This Stylish design Luminous Exhaust Fan can match space in your kitchen and keeps it cool.

It has a plastic body and blades are made of PP (Poly Propylene).

It is designed to produce minimum operational sound.

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2. Usha Crisp Air Ventilating Fan 200 mm

This Usha Crisp Air 200 mm Exhaust fan is one of the best fans that can help you to keep the kitchen environment clean.

Usha Crisp Air 200mm Ventilating Fan

This fan has a Sweep size of 200 mm and Speed of 1250 RPM.

This exhaust Fan features Sleek and Stylish design to enhance your kitchen look.

Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan features an automatic shutter to restrict the entry of foreign particles, insects inside the kitchen.

It features rust proof body and blades.

It is light in weight and ensures noiseless performance.

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3. Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan DB 300mm

This Havells Ventilair exhaust fan features a high-quality metal body and blades for heavy-duty and optimum performance.

Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan

This fan has a Sweep size of 300 mm and Speed of 1400 RPM.

This is designed for a sturdy and powerful performance.

It has a dual ball bearing system with a heavy-duty motor.

This Exhaust fan has a metal body and blades for more durability and longevity of the fan.

The fan comes with a bird guard made of metal spokes. The bird guard prevents birds from flying into the fan.

The metal bits of fan are powder coated which makes the exhaust fan rust-resistant and adds to the life of the fan.

This high-speed exhaust fan can effectively remove stale air and bad odour. The sturdy motor of the fan ensures that the fan can work continuously for long hours with uniform speed.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners To Keep Your Kitchen and Home Clean


This is the best appliance that can help to clean your kitchen as well as the house.

A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean many sofas, couches, beds, and floors with ease and hasslefree.

Today’s vacuum cleaners are more compact, noiseless and convenient to operate.

There are large varieties of vacuum cleaner in the market base on capacity, features, price, etc. We have filtered the best vacuum cleaners that can help to keep your kitchen clean.


1. Karcher WD 3 Vacuum Cleaner Wet and dry, Multi-purpose 

Karcher WD 3 is a Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a German Technology. This versatile, durable vacuum cleaner can make your cleaning experience easy and hassle-free.

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

This WD 3 is 1,000 watts multi-purpose vacuum cleaner designed for super and powerful performance.

It is built of a robust and impact-resistant plastic container with a capacity of 17 litres.

This vacuum cleaner features a cartridge filter which makes convenient vacuuming of wet and dry dirt, without filter replacement.

The practical blower function can be used, where vacuuming is not possible to remove dust.

It has an easily removable handle to allows direct attachment of accessories to the suction hose.

Features such as blower, “Pull & Push” locking system, ergonomic handle and practical cable and accessory storage make cleaning jobs easy and hassle-free.

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2. Eureka Forbes Wet and Dry Trendy  DX1150

This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, with a powerful motor provides is designed for superior performance which can clean, sweep and also mop your floor. Equipped with special features to make cleaning of your home faster and easier.

Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet and Dry DX1150

This vacuum cleaner features powerful suction & blower function with 1150W Motor to remove deep embedded dust and dirt.

It comes with a wide range of accessories for efficient and versatile cleaning. 

The vacuum cleaner facilitates to clean both wet and dry spills, which makes it extremely versatile.

This vacuum cleaner has an in-built storage space to safely store the cord. 

Vacuum cleaner has 360-degree swivel wheels for easy handling, stability, and mobility around the house.

This comes with a plastic container of enormous capacity, that can store the accumulated water waste of 8 liters and dust of 10 liters. This avoids frequent emptying of a container and helps for uninterrupted cleaning work.

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3. Prestige Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1200 Watt

This vacuum cleaner features both sweeps and mops to ensure utmost hygiene facilitates with wet and dry cleaning to let you complete all your cleaning tasks easily.

It is provided with 1200 watts motor for powerful suction and blower function to cleaning hard to reach areas.

Its dual functionality of wet and dry clean helps to remove spills or tough stains without any hassle.

This Vacuum cleaner features a HEPA filter that effectively removes indoor contaminants like fine dust particles. It also helps to prevent motor clogging by avoiding the accumulation of dust particles. 

It has a larger capacity dust case of 10 litres. Which avoids the hassle of emptying the bin repeatedly and ensures interruption-free performance.

This vacuum cleaner comes with 360-degree swivel wheels for easy movement around your home.

The Auto-cut Float feature in this vacuum cleaner protects the motor from being damaged due to overflow.

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Best Floor Cleaning bucket Mops To Keep Home and Kitchen Clean


In the kitchen the floor, walls get dirty frequently. The fumes stick to the tiles and walls, on which dirt, dust gets deposited. Your kitchen will start to look old and dingy. Therefore it is necessary to clean the floor and walls daily.

Now because of Bucket Mops, you need not hurt your knees, hands and back to mop the floors.

The Bucket mop contains an adjustable handle, a bucket and a wringer that squeezes out the excess water. The best Bucket mops gives simple and hassle-free moping experience.


1. Prestige Plastic Magic Mop – Clean Home PSB 10 

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Mop 

This mop comes with an aesthetically designed bucket made of high-grade plastic for lightweight, long life and easy to use.

This spinner of this mop is designed to rinse the microfiber heads with convenience. The spinner comes in high-quality stainless steel for long life.

This Prestige Clean Home PSB 10Mop comes with 2 replaceable microfiber heads.

Its steel rod comes with height adjustment as per requirement and convenience.

This Mop has a pulling handle and two wheels which makes transportation easy.

It has a Convenient spout system of the bucket to drain dirty water.

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2. Gala e-Quick Spin Mop

Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels

This Spin Mop has a bendable mop head that rotates 360 degrees. It makes it easy to clean edges, corners, and difficult to reach areas.

The handle of the mop is extendable and can be adjusted as per your height requirement. It has a Sturdy stainless steel handle with a quick lock.

It comes with Built-in Easy Wheels and a puller handle for easy transportation.

This spin mop comes with cotton microfibers that have the super absorbent capacity and gives deep cleaning results.

The self-wringing feature of this mop removes excess water and makes cleaning faster and easier. Excess water is removed by squeezing the head in the spinner attached to the bucket. This keeps the fiber damp enough for cleaning without leaving any residue. It also helps for drying the mop faster after use.

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3. Scotch-Brite Bucket Spin MopScotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop

This Scotch-Brite Spin mop has twin buckets that are used for rinsing and wringing the mop.

The bucket has two compartments, one for wringing the mop dry and the other for rinsing the mop head.

It is light in weight, durable and easy to carry.

The spin mop comes with 2 microfiber refills which have good water absorption capacity. Hence the mop retains a good quantity of water and can cover a larger area.

The microfiber can also trap fine dust and hair and helps you in getting better cleaning.

The spin mop comes with a 360-degree telescopic handle with height adjustment. This facilitates to reach inaccessible corners and under furniture.

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Best Floor Cleaning Steam Mops To Keep Kitchen Clean

Cleaning the entire house with a mop while carrying a bucket with you and cleaning sticky flooring of Kitchen can be difficult. This can be made simple by using newly arrived steam mops.

Steam mops are efficient and effective cleaning tools that offer great results. These vacuum cleaners use high-pressurized hot steam to remove stubborn stains, dirt. Also, kill bacteria and blast dirt out of the sticky floor.

A steam mop is helpful equipment for all cleaning activities in your Kitchen, Bathroom, and home. Best Steam mops can make cleaning job quick, easy and effortless.


1. Eureka Forbes Vapomop Stick Steam Cleaner 

Eureka Forbes has introduced Forbes Vapomop, equipped with powerful steam and flexible floor brush. It is designed to remove stubborn stains, sanitize your home and kill the germs with ease.

Eureka Forbes Vapomop 0.56-Litre Stick Steam Cleaner 

This steam Mop Sanitizes your home by using uses steam to break down dirt, grime, and bacteria to leave the surfaces spotless and germ-free.

It is 1600 watts steam mop and equipped with smart set steam control to control steam out to clean different surfaces.

The flexible and large swivel head of this steam mop makes it convenient and efficient for cleaning every corner of the house.

This Steam mop is designed to remove tough and sticky messes with SpotBoost Brush.

It has an easy filling water tank for quick fill and refill

The Vapomop is compact and portable so that it can be easily moved and occupies less storage space.

It features spring breeze fragrance discs in the Vapomop that leaves behind a fresh, clean scent without using any harmful chemicals.

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2. Black + Decker FSM1605 Steam Mop 

Black + Decker FSM1605 Steam mop is a versatile handheld steam cleaner that uses steam power to clean your floors, mirrors, upholstery, tiles and more. Now you can remove most stubborn grime quickly and easily.

Black + Decker FSM1605 1300-Watt Steam Mop 

It is a 1300W Steam Mop provides Super-heated steam means the floor will dry in seconds.

This steam mop comes with an Easy Glide Micro fibre pad for ultimate pick up performance that can last over 100 wash cycles.

It provides a powerful steam flow for deep clean of floors.

This mop comes with 180 degrees pivoting mop head for easy manoeuvre around furniture and in tight spaces.

It is lightweight and easy to move.

It has easy to fill the water tank of 350 ml capacity – just add tap water.

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3. Shark Ninja Steam Mop (S1000A)

SharkNinja Steam Pocket Mop is a lightweight compact steam mop that can help you to clean your kitchen and house and give hasslefree, effective and easy mopping experience. Shark Ninja Shark Steam Mop (S1000A)

This steam mop features Super-heated steam, ready in 30 seconds and provides the best sanitization on hard floors with no harsh chemicals.

It has on-demand variable steam uses your natural mopping motion to deliver super-heated steam.

It’s Shark Steam technology provides double-sided cleaning with every pad.

It is Lightweight steam mop cleans and sanitizes all sealed hard-floor surfaces.

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Best Floor Cleaning Flat Mops To Keep Your Home And Kitchen Clean

Traditionally in our house, we use the floor cleaning cloth or pocha to clean the floors. It is a very economical way of floor cleaning but is difficult and gives a lot of back pain. This can be easily replaced by economical and easy to use a flat mop. This mop is lightweight and comes with a micro fiber pad.


1. Dannu Stainless Steel Floor Cleaning Spray Mop 

Dannu Stainless Steel Microfiber Floor Cleaning Spray Mop 

This Mop comes with a reusable and washable microfiber mop head with 360-degree wide rotation for easy cleaning.

It has a convenient spray trigger to control spray. It features 2-in-1 spray that cleans dry dust and wet spills in every swipe.

This mop features Ergonomic and convenient design for cleaning.

It has reusable Scrub Pads that can be cleaned in the washing machine with ease and reused.

Mop handle is adjustable for effortless cleaning without bending and helps to keep kitchen clean.

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2. Smile mom 4 in 1 Aluminium Spray Mop 

Smile mom 4 in 1 Aluminium Multi Spray Mop 

Smile Mom has introduced multi-Purpose Mop with Spray facility for easy and effortless cleaning.

It comes with 360-degree rotating mop frame. It is effective in removing the dust, dirt, hair strands and tough stains from all the hard-to-reach corners of your home and office, easily and quickly.

It is made from Aluminium and microfiber materials. A mop is lightweight and easy to work with.

It comes with a refillable and adjustable tank in which you can fill water or cleaning solution. This liquid is sprayed on the cleaning area before moping for better cleaning quality. It helps you to clear even the most stubborn dirt and greasy stains easily.

The dustpan is integrated into the ergonomic handle of the mop. It gives you easy access when you sweep-clean your floor using the bristled attachment.

The microfiber pad is detachable and washable.

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3. Smile Mom Easy Flat Mop with Bucket 

Smile Mom Easy Flat Mop Stick Rod with Bucket 


This Mop comes with a portable bucket which has a no-splash and no-spill design that keeps your feet clean and dry too when mopping.

It features a 360-degree swivel head that allows easy cleaning under appliances, cabinets, and other tight hard to reach places.

This mop has a washable and reusable microfiber pad and can last for a long life.

Smile Mom floor-cleaning mop is made from stainless steel rod, plastic bucket and microfiber mop pad. It is an easy-to-use daily.

This mop comes with an extra extension piece so that you don’t have to bend to remove the dust, dirt, hair strands and tough stains from hard-to-reach corners such as under the beds, cabinets, and furniture.

It is suitable for all types of floor – hardwood, laminate wood, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, etc., without leaving any scratches. You can clear even the most stubborn dirt and greasy stains with ease.

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Best Kitchen Cleaner spray To Clean Kitchen Sink and Kitchen 

The kitchen mostly is the most important place in a home and needs the maximum attention to keep it clean and hygienic for the good health of you and your family. Stubborn dirt and greasy stains are difficult to remove from flooring and walls. Also need to Clean Kitchen sink on a regular basis. It can be made easy by using Cleaner sprays. We have filtered the best Kitchen cleaners that can help you to clean kitchen sink and other oily surfaces with ease.


1. Lizol Trigger Power Cleaner

Lizol Trigger Power Kitchen Cleaner

The grease-fighting power of this kitchen cleaner helps to clean up the toughest kitchen messes. It is capable of Removing grease, food stains, dirt, spills, grime, etc.

Also helps in removing germs and deodorizing with a fresh scent.

This Lizol Power Cleaner can be used to clean kitchen sink, countertops, stovetops, cabinets, exterior of appliances, etc.

This kitchen cleaner helps to protect your family from harmful foodborne illness.

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2. Dettol Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel

Dettol Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel Lemon Fresh

Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel can protect from illness-causing germs. It also leaves your dishes and utensils visibly clean and hygienically safe.

Sometimes, water and ordinary soaps are not sufficient to clean kitchen sink and other areas. There you need special attention to be kept clear of illness-causing germs and bacteria.

With a unique sanitizing formula, Dettol Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel protects against harmful bacteria. Also helps to clean kitchen sink and basins.

This liquid leaves a nice and pleasant smell on your home surfaces and on your dishes.

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3. Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner

Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner

This Kitchen cleaner helps to kills germs and keeps the surface germ free. Also helps to thoroughly clean kitchen sink, basins, and tiles.

Mr. Muscle kitchen cleaner actively loosens grease and grime by just spray and wipe.

It is great for cleaning stovetops, exhaust fans, countertops, sinks, ceramic and enameled tiles and floor (hard surface).

This cleaner can be used for day to day as well as heavy-duty cleaning

It leaves behind the pleasant fragrance after a thorough cleaning so that your kitchen smells pleasant.

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Any of the products discussed above can help you to keep Kitchen clean. We have filtered a few best products from a large variety available in the market to make the buying decision easy. The buyer can choose the final product as per individual requirements and price affordability.