Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020- Review and Buying Guide

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Top 10 Dry Iron Box in IndiaIn today’s corporate world and even in functions and gatherings, the appearance of a person has upmost importance. It is said that your first impression is the last impression. One of the factors that improve your impression is neat, clean, crease-free and pressed cloths. Properly pressed cloths can keep you fresh and presentable all day. Though the ironing of cloths is quite a tough job it can be made easy and simple with modern Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India reviewed here.

 The modern, lightweight, ergonomically designed best dry iron in India can really make ironing Hasslefree, fast and easy. Therefore every home must have an Iron box. This Iron buying guide will help you to select your best suitable product.


Before going ahead in detail review of every product lets have a quick look at our Top 10 Best Dry Iron Box in India.

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India

 Dry IronPrice
1Bajaj DHX 9 | 1000 W | 1.7Kg Check On Amazon
2Philips GC181 | 1000W | 1.6Kg (Our Power Pick)Check On Amazon
3Rico | 1000-Watt | 1.7 KgCheck On Amazon
4Havells Adore | 1100-W | 871 gmCheck On Amazon
5Bajaj DX 7 | 1000-Watt | 789 gm (Our Eco Pick)Check On Amazon
6Morphy Richards Desira | 1000W | 939 gm (Our Overall Pick)Check On Amazon
7Havells Jio | 1000-Watt | 898 gmCheck On Amazon
8Philips HD1182 | 1000-Watt | 821 gm Check On Amazon
9Usha EI 3302 | 1100-Watt | 798 gmCheck On Amazon
10Orient Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP | 1000W | 798 gmCheck On Amazon


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Iron Buying Guide

In this iron buying guide, we will discuss different types of Irons and various features in the modern iron boxes.

Types of Iron Box

The commonly used iron boxes are of three types i.e. Dry Iron box, Steam Iron box, and Portable or travel Iron.

Dry Iron Box or Press 

This is the most commonly used iron box. It is cheaper than a steam iron box. It is not provided with a steaming facility. Therefore if you want to humidify the clothes then you need to spray the water by external mean.

Steam Iron Box or Press

This Iron box facilitates the steaming while pressing the cloths. These models consist of a small tank to store water. During ironing, this water is converted into steam and is sprayed to humidify the clothes. This is most useful in cotton cloths where removing wrinkles is quite tough. This iron box is quite expensive than Dry iron box but gives better press quality.

Click Here For Best Steam Irons in India


Portable or Travel Iron

These are very small size and very lightweight irons. These irons come with a folding handle. These can be easily accommodated in a travel bag. This is a very convenient self cloth ironing option while traveling.

Features in Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India

Iron Soleplate

It is a very important part of Iron. It is the bottom surface of Iron which comes in contact with clothes while ironing. This surface should be very flat and smooth to glide easily on cloths. Also, its shape is made aerodynamic to makes it easy to reach every corner of the cloth. It should distribute heat evenly all over the surface for good pressing quality.

Types of Soleplate

Iron buying guide

Aluminium Soleplate – These soleplates are more likely to stick to clothes as you iron. The sticky performance can damage your clothes and make ironing difficult.

Stainless steel Soleplate – These soleplates are durable, corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant. They can slide easily on cloths and provide a smoother ironing experience. They are comparatively expensive. The disadvantage is that they can melt lightweight material like silk at high temperature.

Non-stick Soleplate – This soleplate surface is coated with nonstick material like PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) Teflon.  This gives nonsticky and easy gliding surface. This gives better safety to cloths and better user experience.

Ceramic Soleplate – These are ceramic coated metal plates. Irons with ceramic soleplates gives better gliding surface and are smooth on any kind of fabric material. They can distribute heat evenly over the surface and protects cloth burn by avoiding sticking to the surface.

Thermostat Protection 

Thermostat is an important component fitted inside an electric iron and provides safety against overheating.  It regulates temperature by automatic power on/off function and maintains the desired temperature.

Temperature selector

This is a temperature settings dial or knob placed at front of handle or just below the handle. It has multiple temperature levels for a variety of fabrics like silk, rayon, nylon, cotton and other materials.

Iron buying guide


Advantages of Best Dry Iron Box

  • It facilitates you to press the cloths any time as per convenience.
  • It reduces your dependency on Laundry shops.
  • It also saves your lot of money as the crease-free and pressed cloths is a daily need.


In this article, we have reviewed the specifications and features of dry Irons and picked the Best Dry Iron in India.

We have picked the products based on the following criteria.

  • Product Dimensions – Overall product dimensions and weight suitable for regular home use. We have selected irons with heavyweight (up to 1.7 kg) and Lightweight (below 1.0 kg).
  • Power– Power from 1000-1100 Watts, suitable for regular home need.
  • Build quality – Aerodynamic, Ergonomic and durable body design. Durable and easy gliding soleplate.
  • Safety – Features related to overheating safety, cloth safety, handling safety, wire safety, etc.
  • Other Features– Like Temperature selector, cord attachment, Light indicators, etc.
  • Warranty



Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India

                                                Click Here for Best Light Weight Dry Irons


Best Dry Iron in India (Heavy Weight)

1. Bajaj DHX 9, 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

The Bajaj DHX 9 dry iron is a Heavy Weight efficient ironing device for your home. It makes the task of ironing multiple clothing items simple and fast. This is one of the best heavy-duty iron from our list of Top 10 iron box in India.

Product Dimensions 30.5 x 15 x 14.3 cm ; weight- 1.7 Kg
Power 1000 watts
Build Quality Heavyweight ironing device. This flattens out even the most creased outfits.

It has a Deluxe metal cover that gives a smooth, classy and attractive body look.

Safety This appliance has a non-stick coated soleplate. This ensures easy gliding on your clothes and in case of overheating your outfits don’t get harmed.

The thermal fuse safety feature prevents a short circuit by immediately disconnecting from the power source.

Other Features It has multiple temperature levels for a variety of fabrics like silk, rayon, nylon, cotton and other materials

With the 360-degree swivel cord attached, you can move this dry iron easily from left to right.

A light indicator goes on and off to let you know when the appliance is heated and ready to use.

Warranty 2 years on product

2. Philips GC181 Heavy Weight 1000-Watt

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

This Philips GC181 is a Heavy Weight 1000-Watt Best Dry Iron in India from Philips. It is a 1.6 kg heavy dry iron that gives high performance and saves your effort and gives you great results.

Product Dimensions Weight: 1.6 Kg
Power 1000 watt, Voltage: 220-240 V
Build Quality Attractive look.

This dry iron is equipped with a heavy black coated soleplate which is durable and long-lasting.

The Black American Heritage soleplate gives you a uniform and smooth press finish and makes your clothes shine like new.

The body with an ergonomic grip which allows you to iron your garments without hassle.


The dry iron is made with a shockproof material that keeps the handle cool and prevents you from shocks.

Equipped with a temperature control circular switch. It allows you to set the desired temperature to iron your garments.

Other Features 1000 Watt power provides faster heating with uniform heat distribution. 

Power cord length: 1.8m.

360-degree cord swivel provides freedom to slide Iron in any direction.

Warranty 2 Years brand warranty


3. Rico 1000-Watt Dry Iron Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

This Rico 1000-Watt Dry Iron Features heavy body and heavy power capacity of 1000 watts. Its heavy body provides equal distribution of heat with minimum efforts. It glides smoothly on the clothes to remove wrinkles but also does not cause additional stress to your wrists.

Product Dimensions 25 x 4 x 25 cm ; Weight – 1.7 Kg    
Power 1000 watts
Build Quality This Rico iron comes with Golden American Heritage sole-plate coating which is 3 times longer & stronger than nonstick coating. This is suitable for smooth and easy ironing of clothes

The Deluxe metal cover provides smooth, classy and attractive body appearance. 

This Heavyweight iron weighs 1.5 kilograms. This flattens out the most creased clothes, Tough Jeans and Hard Linen Fabric smoothly with minimum efforts.

Safety The Adjusting temperature control dial lets you set the desired heat required to iron your garments.

The Rico iron has a light indicator that comes with safety thermal fuse with the purpose to reduce power risk, electric shock and injuries caused due to overheating.

It automatically gets shut off once it reached the set temperature and won’t burn clothes.

Other Features Extra Long Cord For East Ironing 1.5 Meter
Warranty 3 Year Warranty

Best Dry Irons (Light Weight)

4. Havells Adore 1100-Watt

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

Havells Adore 1100-Watt is one of the best dry iron in India. It can make your hard work of ironing a fast and easy practice.

Product Dimensions 112.5 x 26 x 11.2 cm ; Weight – 871 g
Power 1100 watts
Build Quality Futuristic aerodynamic design with a steel cover body makes ironing easier to glide along with the fabric with ease.

Apart from the smooth functioning, it also gives the iron an attractive look.

Safety You can select the desired fabric temperature easily with an Easy-grip fabric selector knob.

DuPont Teflon Platinum Sole Plate Ensures Safe Ironing.

Cord Winder-This iron has a cord winder for the safety of the electric wire. It prevents the cord from getting entangled, twisted and damaged. The cord winder allows easy storage of wires and cords.

Other Features Quick heating capacity and low power consumption save both time and power.360 Swivel Cord and aerodynamic design ensures Flexibility and help you manoeuvre along the slip-cover.

Full-Length Button Groove helps you to iron your clothes without being obstructed by the buttons. The button smoothly fits into the groove during the ironing process.

Warranty 2 years on product

5. Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

The Bajaj Majesty DX7 dry iron is a compact and lightweight structure iron and therefore, very handy to use. Its compact design and lightweight allows you to carry it with you where ever you need. This compact product is one of the top 10 dry iron box in India.

Product Dimensions 28.5 x 13.3 x 12.9 cm ; Weight- 789 g
Power 1000 watts, voltage: 230V – 50Hz
Build Quality

This iron comes with a Non-stick coated Soleplate which facilitates its easy gliding on all kinds of fabric. 

Its compact and lightweight structure makes your iron job quite easy.

Super clean finish with pleasant aesthetics. It comes with a comfortable hand grip and a Cool touch body.

Safety This non-stick coating ensures that the fabric doesn’t stick and get burn due to excessive heat.

The double indicator system ensures additional safety and convenience. The red light gleams when the soleplate is heated and when the desired temperature is reached, a green light glows.

This Iron comes with Multiple temperature settings. This adjustable knob help to set temperature in accordance with the nature of the fabric.

In the event of thermal overloading, the Thermal fuse breaks the circuit and protects it from any electrical damage. The purpose is to reduce power risk, electric shock and injuries caused due to overheating.

Other Features It has a 360-degree free movement swivel cord for you to move the iron effortlessly in every direction.

Its compact design and lightweight allows you to carry it with you where ever you need.

Warranty 2 years on product

6. Morphy Richards Desira 1000-Watt

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

The Morphy Richards Desira, one of the best dry iron in India, can give you the best ironing experience with its lightweight design and comfortable grip. 

Product Dimensions 28.3 x 13.5 x 11.8 cm ; Weight- 939 g
Power 1000 watts; voltage: 210-250 volts
Build Quality It’s DuPont Teflon classic nonstick coated soleplate glides smoothly on the clothes to remove wrinkles.

Biggest Dry Iron Soleplate, with the surface area of 18460 square millimeters.

Comfortable grip does not cause additional stress to your wrists.

It’s Ergonomically designed body comes with a slim and pointed tip. It makes easy to iron places like the seams and between buttons.

Safety The non-stick coating is provided to avoid sticking of fabric and get torn due to excessive heat.

Adjustable thermostatic control lets you adjust the heat according to the clothes you are ironing ensures that your clothes do not burn by accident. Enables faster and uniform heating.

Other Features When the required ironing temperature is reached the Neon indicator light goes off.

360-degree free movement swivel cord, to move the iron effortlessly in every direction. This also avoids the possibility of tangled wires and keeps your hands and wrist stress-free.

Warranty 2 years on product

7. Havells Jio 1000-Watt

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

The Havells Jio 1000-Watt is the best dry iron in India that gives you an effortless, hasslefree ironing experience.

Product Dimensions 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm ; Weight- 898 g
Power 1000 Watt
Build Quality Teflon classic PTFE coated soleplate is a thick, triangular-shaped slab. It forms the base of this iron.

The double-layered soleplate smoothly drifts along with the cloth safely.


A cord winder for the safety of the electric wire. It prevents the cord from getting entangled, twisted and damaged. 

This dry iron has 60 swivel cord for flexibility as you manoeuvre the iron along with the cloth. It reduces the effort you put in ironing.

Temperature control dial with a good grip allows regulating the amount of heat you require while ironing effortlessly.

Other Features

light indicator on the handle indicates whether the iron has heated up or not. It switches off once it reached the highest point of heating at the preferred temperature setting. 

Full-length button groove helps you to iron your clothes without being obstructed by the buttons. The button smoothly fits into the groove during the ironing process.

Warranty 2 years on product

8. Philips HD1182 1000-Watt Teflon Coating



The Philips HD1182 dry iron is in our list of top 10 iron box in India because of its lightweight and shapely design. This best dry iron is a useful home appliance that ensures your suits and outfits are crease-free.

Product Dimensions 11.8 x 23.7 x 10.5 cm ; Weight- 821 g
Power 1000 watts; voltage: 240 volts
Build Quality It has a non-stick Teflon 2 coated soleplate that lets you slide the iron smoothly over your clothes.

Its lightweight and shapely design let you iron your clothes easily with better control. The bright blue handle gives it an attractive look.

Its soleplate is designed in such a way so as to crease out inner seams and button areas easily.

Safety Because of non-stick quality Teflon 2 coated base, you no longer have to worry about damaging your favourite outfits with this soleplate.

It has a cord winder to easily store its main cord

Efficient temperature control– This iron lets you choose a particular heating level for the type of fabric you are ironing. With this, you can prevent your favourite outfits from getting damaged.

Other Features

A light indicator is present to inform you when the iron is heated and ready for use.

Warranty 2 years on product


9. Usha EI 3302 1100-Watt 

Top 10 Dry Iron Box in India 2020

This 1100-watt, non-stick dry iron with the temperature settings is the best solution for quick and easy ironing to give your clothes the perfect crisp and crease-less finish.

Product Dimensions 26 x 14 x 12 cm ; Weight- 798 g
Power 1100 watt
Build Quality

Made from Shock Proof Plastic which makes it a sturdy and durable product. It prevents you from shocks.

This dry iron is equipped with a black American heritage Coated sole-plate which is durable and long-lasting. It gives you a uniform and smooth press finish.

The iron is scratch resistant and glides smoothly over all types of fabric.


This iron is equipped with a temperature and heat control circular switch. This gives you the amount of heat required to iron different clothing materials.

It comes with an inbuilt auto-off pilot light that switches off the device when it gets too hot which prevents any damage to the clothes

Shockproof body, elegant design with a plastic body and handle to protect from electric shocks.

Other Features 360-degree swivel cord for easy operation.

The led indicator light for power (on/off) detection and heating (on/off) detection.

Button groove for easy ironing under buttons.

Warranty 2 Years

10. Orient Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP 1000-Watt


If you are looking for a lightweight, quality, best dry iron for your daily ironing needs then the Orient electric fabri joy, which is one of the top 10 iron box in India is a good option. It comes with a plastic body and with an array of features to give you the best ironing experience. 

Product Dimensions 2.7 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm ; Weight – 798 g
Power 1000 watts, Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
Build Quality Light in weight, easy to use.

The high quality non-stick American heritage soleplate makes this iron glides easily and effortlessly on all types of fabrics.

The shape of the handle and grip is comfortable and avoid any slippage.

Safety The non-stick coated sole of the iron ensures that it does not stick to the fabric, thus keeping your apparels safe.

The temperature control knob allows you to adjust the temperature as per the requirement of the fabric being ironed.

Other Features 360-degree swivel cord facilitates turning around angles and uniform ironing.

It has an indicator lamp which gives an indication when the iron reaches the required or preset temperature and is ready to use.

Button grove to prevent buttons from breakage.

Cord winder for easy storage of cord.

Warranty 2 years on product


How to Use The Dry Iron

  • Properly insert Three-pin of Iron cord into Electric power point.
  • Set Temperature selector dial as per your fabric.
  • Rest the Iron on Heel rest and allow it to heat up.
  • Once the power is switched on, the indicator lamp glows and once it reaches the desired temperature it goes off. This stops further heating of iron.
  • For the safety of light and silky fabric, first, check the ironing at low temperature and then increase as per requirement.

Precautions While Ironing

  • Use proper and safe electric Three pin connection for iron.
  • Don’t use an iron with cord in tangled or damaged condition to avoid electrical accidents.
  • Use the iron on stable an flat surface. Rest it on heel rest.
  • Don’t leave the iron unattended once it is connected to the Electric supply.
  • Ensure that iron does not drop while handling. It can damage its internal components and circuit and can be unsafe for further use.
  • To ensure safety, a Person should have proper knowledge and skill of ironing.
  • Children must be kept away from this electric appliance.


A huge variety of dry irons are available in the market. Finding the best is a very difficult and time-consuming job. Some basic information provided in this iron buying guide can help you to find your best product.

In this article, we reviewed and filtered Dry-type, Top 10 Iron Box in India suitable for home use. Hope this will save your lot of search time and make your job simpler to choose Best Dry Iron to suit individual requirement.






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