Which JBL Earphone is Best? JBL T110 VS JBL C100SI Comparison

Which JBL Earphone is Better JBL T110 VS JBL C100SI ComparisonWhen you search for cheap or affordable earphones, there can be many options available to you. It can be difficult to easily distinguish between inferior and branded products. You may get confused while choosing from the various options. When I was looking for cheap and best earphones, I came across two good JBL Earphones. We did a comparison between JBL T110 vs JBL C100SI in detail. Our purpose is to make you aware of the difference between them so that you can easily select the best one. We studied both the phones on different parameters and then brought this comparison before you.


Which JBL Earphone is Better? JBL T110 VS JBL C100SI Comparison


As we all know that JBL is one of the most popular brands in wired-wireless Earphones/Headphones, speakers, soundbars etc. You can get the products at a wide price range and suitable for various users.

JBL C100 and JBL T110 both are among the best JBL earphones and available in an affordable price range. JBL is known for its good sound quality so you can get good quality from these two phones at low prices. Let’s compare both the earphones on different parameters.


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JBL T110

The body of JBL T110 is in a cylindrical shape. The look of this earphone is also attractive. The head design is angular so it can be easily fitted in the ear.

It also comes along with comfortable ear tips that are available in three different sizes. This allows the phone to fit smoothly in different ear sizes.

The cable is flat and light in weight so it can be easy for you to handle.



When we studied the construction here we find that the JBL C100 SI body is in a spherical shape. Body finishing looks silky, glossy, and attractive. The head design of this earphone is angular. This facilitates you to easily locate it in the ear.

This earphone is lightweight and comes with three different sizes of ear tips. So that it can fit comfortably in different ear sizes and you can use it for a long time.

The wire of this earphone is in a round shape. The cable length is 1.2 meters


JBL T110 JBL C100 SI
JBL T110 VS JBL C100SI Comparison JBL T110 VS JBL C100SI Comparison


JBL T110

The JBL T110 is a low-cost good earphone for you. It is built to deliver you JBL’s superior sound quality and powerful bass.



This phone is designed to give extra deep bass JBL signature sound. The Earphone is designed with a powerful driver of 9mm diameter.



JBL T110

This phone also has a remote control. Similarly, the noise isolation microphone makes it easier for you to manage calls in between.

This earphone has a 3.5mm MH angular jack pin.

This earphone is also suitable for various devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, audio player

We think you will definitely like this low-priced lightweight good earphone.



This earphone is provided with a one-button universal remote. It has an inbuilt noise isolation microphone so that you can handle your phone without any hassle.

The earphone has a 3.5 mm gold plated straight jack pin designed to give lossless connectivity and easy data transfer.

the earphone is compatible with any audio player, laptop, tablet, and mobile.



JBL T110

As discussed the aesthetics or look of the earphone is attractive. It is available in different colours like Red, Blue.


This earphone looks attractive with a glossy, sleek body. The earphone is available in various colours like Black, Red, white.



Both the earphones offer 1 year of manufacturing warranty which is good.



Though the MRP of both JBL T110 and JBL C100 SI is greater than 1200, you can get it at a very discounted price on Amazon in offer.

When we were studying these earphones the JBL C100 SI was available at a cheaper price than JBL T110. Check and confirm the latest price.

JBL T110 :  Check Price On Amazon 


JBL C100 SI:  Check Price On Amazon 



After the comparison between JBL T110 VS JBL C100 SI, we observed that there is no larger difference in the features and specifications of these earphones. You may not get the advanced features in these earphones but can satisfy your daily earphone needs. So according to us, JBL C100 SI can be a better choice if you are looking for the best earphone with a better price proposition.