Earphone Comparison | Sony MDR EX150AP Vs 1More Piston Fit

Earphone Comparison, Sony MDR EX150AP Vs 1More Piston FitWhen I was looking for economical and best earphones, the two earphones that caught my attention were the Sony MDR ex150ap vs 1More Piston Fit. Their look, design, and the price was so attractive that I could not ignore them. Therefore for better understanding, we decided to compare Sony MDR ex150ap vs 1More Piston Fit on different parameters.

Though we did not find any large difference in features, both have some unique identities that distinguish them from each other.


Which Earphone is Better? Sony MDR EX150AP Vs 1More Piston Fit- comparison

Both earphones are manufactured by brands that are well known in sound technology. Let’s compare them on different parameters.


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Sony MDR EX150AP

The earphone is light in weight. The specified weight is 17gm. Because of this, you can wear it for long hours.

The earbud tips are designed for a soft fit. The silicone earbuds are provided to make the ear fit comfortable for a long duration. It is provided with additional different size ear tips so that it can easily match different ear sizes.

The cable is in round shape and 1.2m in length. The Jack pin is 3.5mm and L-shaped.

Sony MDR EX150AP 1More Piston Fit
Earphone Comparison, Sony MDR EX150AP Vs 1More Piston Fit Earphone Comparison, Sony MDR EX150AP Vs 1More Piston Fit

1More Piston Fit

The specified weight of the earphone is 18gm. This makes it lightweight and can be very comfortable in your ear. The snug fit design is also a factor that helps in noise isolation, fullness, and bass.

This earphone body is crafted through aluminum for better rigidity and durability.

The manufacturer has done agronomical design improvement. With a combination of options of multiple ear tips, it can ensure proper fit in different ear sizes. The 3 sets of included ear tips of different sizes are provided for proper fit also helps in restricting entry of outside noise.

The earbud design is oblique and angled at 45 degrees. This helps in the easy location of the earbud in ear canals. This along with proper ear tips ensures less likely fallout of earphones.

It has a round cable with a length of 1.2m. Provided with 3.5mm Jack and it is L-shaped.



Sony MDR EX150AP

It is equipped with 9mm Neodymium drivers to deliver powerful yet balanced sound as expected from Sony. This is designed such that you can enjoy your favourite music with a detailed, clear, and balanced sound.

It is equipped with dual-layered dynamic drivers that are consist of PET polymer and aerospace-grade titanium.

The wide band of frequency ranging from 5Hz to 24kHz helps to hear the music tack in every detail.


1More Piston Fit

The 1more brand believes in naturally balanced sound and restricts their self from harsh bass and treble boosting. They are committed to producing a sound that can fully satisfy users without the need for unhealthy volume levels that can be unsafe for ears.

Consists of a 10mm dynamic driver for clear sound and balanced bass.

Frequency ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz.



Sony MDR EX150AP

This earphone is built with an inline microphone that enables you for hands-free calls. If you are listening to music and a call comes then you can conveniently take it.

This is compatible with the Sony smart key app. This application is compatible with android 4.0 and above. You can configure mic buttons with the help of this app for easy control.

The earphone has one more value-adding feature that is the wire manager. It helps to reduce irritation from wire tangling.


1More Piston Fit

It features an in-line microphone and placed at a convenient location to take the calls easily without cross-talks.



Sony MDR EX150AP

The appearance looks to be very attractive. To suit different customer choices it comes in different colours.

The housing appears to be very shiny and attractive because of its different metallic colour finish.


1More Piston Fit

This earphone body is crafted through aluminum for better rigidity and durability. The aluminum alloy body adds to the aesthetics of earphones. The earphone is available in different colours like Blue, Gray, silver.



Both these earphones come with a 1 year of manufacturing warranty. This is good or at par with the products in a similar range.



Though the MRP of these earphones is higher than 1000, these can be available under Rs.1000 in offer. Confirm the latest price before selecting.

Sony MDR EX150AP:  Check Price On Amazon


1More Piston Fit:  Check Price On Amazon



In the comparison study of Sony MDR ex150ap vs 1More Piston Fit, we observed no big difference in features. Both the earphones are manufactured by well-known brands and are the best earphones that can satisfy your daily earphone needs with the best price affordability. With some additional features, the Sony MDR ex150ap is our best buy. But the users looking for more sturdy earphones than we recommend 1More Piston Fit.

Hope this comparison will help to choose the best earphone that can fulfill individual needs.