Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India 2023-Wireless

Want to carry your music along with you wherever you go? Then why not go for Bluetooth speakers from our list of the 10 best portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India. These compact, portable wireless speakers will enable you to carry your favorite beats anywhere, anytime, and make your parties a lot more enjoyable.

Don’t we all just love to listen to music? Many people have a music system at their home, but you can not take your music system outdoors. Also, your smartphones may not be able to give you a rich musical experience. Here a Bluetooth speaker can come to your assistance. You can easily carry a Bluetooth speaker to wherever you go and enhance your musical experience.

Wireless Bluetooth speakers do not require any wired connection. Once your speaker is charged you can effortlessly listen to music anywhere for long hours. Bluetooth speakers have a compact design. Some have a waterproof, dustproof design. These features make it a perfect device for outdoor activities like picnics, camping parties, etc. Bluetooth speakers are available in various attractive colours and shapes. These can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

With such a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers available in the market, it is very difficult to choose your perfect speaker, thus in this article, we have filtered some of the best Bluetooth speakers from the best brands under Rs.15000. This article will help you to get a better understanding of the product and also help you to find the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself.


Features in Best portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers under 15000


There is a wide range of Bluetooth speakers available in the market. The cost of the speaker depends upon various factors such as manufacturing company, built quality, features, etc. It is recommended to buy branded speakers as they provide good sound quality and a rich musical experience. Following are the features you can get in Bluetooth speakers under 15000.



Brands like Sony, Bose, JBL, Harman, Ultimate Ears, Marshall, etc. are the most trusted and recognized brands when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. These brands have launched high-quality products over the years. They use advanced technologies and come up with products that deliver great performance. These brands have developed their sound technologies very well, thus these speakers are capable of giving you the best musical experience.


Wireless connectivity

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are of great advantage as they can be brought outdoors for parties and other outdoor activities. They are provided with Bluetooth technology which allows them to be connected to smartphones and tablets. You can access your favourite tunes and run on Bluetooth speakers. Some speakers enable connecting two or more devices through Bluetooth. This enables a seamless musical experience. Some speakers also provide connectivity options like SD card, USB port, Aux-in, FM, etc.



Bluetooth speakers come in various attractive colours and shapes. The look of the speaker is also an important feature. The speaker should be attractive and should fit your modern lifestyle. The speakers we have selected here also are elegant and will definitely capture the attention of the crowd at a party.



If you want to take your speaker outdoors then it has to be compact and portable. It should easily fit in a bag and occupy a small space. It should be lightweight as well. Some speakers come with handles and some can even be clipped into belt loops. These features increase the convenience of the user.



If you are going to use the speaker in outdoor activities then the accidental mishaps may splash water on the speaker. Sometimes rainwater may splash on the speaker. The water can damage the music system. Hence the portable speaker should be waterproof. This feature assures the safety of the speaker if you intend to take it to a beach or pool. This feature prevents the entry of water inside the device and hence saves it from damage. Waterproof speakers are a must if you want to enjoy your outdoor parties without getting worried about your device.



Your Bluetooth speakers should be able to go through shocks that are caused during traveling. They should not get damaged due to the impacts caused by bumpy rides. The shockproof feature ensures that your device stands up to these shocks and prevents it from such damage.



When you step outdoors you are surrounded by a dusty environment. Your speakers can be damaged if they are not capable of resistance against the dust. But if your speakers are dustproof you can carry them anywhere for treks or camping without worrying about the safety of your device.

[ Note: Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof capabilities play an important role while using speakers in outdoor activities. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on this. Some speakers only support the splashing of water. Some speakers can be completely immersed in water for a long time. Confirm the specifications and select speaker as per need.]


Battery Life

This is an important feature of the Bluetooth speaker. In outdoor activities, you may not get the required electrical connection to run the music system. To deal with such situations the Portable speaker is provided with rechargeable batteries. Once recharged you can run the speaker on battery power. Speaker with longer battery life is better. The capacity of the battery specifies the battery life. The battery life also depends upon the various operating conditions. The speaker with a USB port can also act as a Power Bank. With this, you can charge your smartphone, tablet via a USB port.


Multi Speaker linking 

Some speakers are equipped with a Multilinking feature where you can link two or more compatible Bluetooth speakers with each other to boost the sound experience. Sometimes you may need a louder sound when you are outdoors and at that time this feature may come to your assistance. This can give you a richer louder musical experience than a single speaker.


Built-in Mic, Voice Assistant

Some speakers come with a built-in mic. This Mic facilitates taking a call on Speaker and enables hands-free operations.

Some advanced speakers come with a Voice assistance facility. They support Google Assistant and Siri through which you can control music, search for information by voice commands. Because of this, you need not rush towards the speaker for any speaker operation and enhances user convenience.


Flash Light

If your party environment is added with colorful lights then it enhances the enjoyment. Some Bluetooth speakers come with a flashlight feature. The multicolor light synchronized with music beats flashes and adds to the fun. By linking multiple compatible Bluetooth speakers you can create a vibrant colorful music show and enhance the party atmosphere.


10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India (Wireless)

There are many brands in India that offer Bluetooth speakers in a wide price range. The brands we have selected are worldwide popular and have a presence in Sound engineering for many years. By studying the specified parameters of various speakers we have selected 10 Best Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India. Though the price of the speakers can be high the companies come with discount offers. Speakers in this list are selected based on the offer price at the time of review. Offer price keeps on changing, hence confirm the latest price before making any decision. These Wireless, portable Bluetooth speakers can be your best musical companion in your outdoor activities, events, and parties.


1. Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India -Wireless

The speaker with X-Balanced Speaker Unit is developed by Sony so that you can enjoy deep, high quality and powerful sound. This portable speaker with extra bass is designed to deliver deep, punchy sound wherever you like to listen. It features an optimized layout of side passive radiators to reproduce clear bass sound.

This speaker features Waterproof and rustproof capabilities with an IP67 rating. This enables you to use it by the sea, pool, or even washing it without any worry of damage.

It is designed to be Dustproof, This makes it usable for outdoor activities and you can take in dusty areas.

The SRS-XB33  is designed to be Shockproof. Therefore this makes it withstand the shocks, knocks during, traveling and bumps in everyday use

The Speaker light & multi-color line light flash in synchronization with the sound beat with changing color enhances the party atmosphere and boosts enjoyment.

The Party Connect feature enables you to connect up to 100 wireless speakers through Bluetooth and boost the party environment.

It is equipped with a built-In Mic that enables hand-free calls. It also supports Google Assistant and Siri via voice assistant features and enhances user convenience.

You need not worry about space as it occupies less space and can stand it up or on the side in horizontal or vertical.

This speaker specifies the battery life of up to 24-hour and enables you to use it for long hours.

It can be efficiently charged with a USB Type-C cable and can charge your smartphone via a USB connection.

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2. JBL Charge 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India

This is one of the best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 that is designed to deliver the JBL Signature Sound. It is equipped with dual external passive radiators to deliver powerful and clear bass.

It is compact and portable so that you can carry it anywhere during activities like trekking, camping, or just outdoor party.

It features IPX7 Waterproof technology that enables you to take this device outdoors fearlessly and have entertainment.

You can Wireless connect your smartphones or tablets to the speaker through Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music any time anywhere.

The JBL Connect facilitates you to build your own ecosystem by connecting multiple JBL speakers together and amplify the powerful sound experience.

This JBL portable speaker claims battery support of up to 20 hours. It is equipped with high capacity 7500mAh battery that can charge smartphones and tablets via USB. This enables you to enjoy music for long hours.

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3. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Portable Wireless Speaker

Best Portable wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in india

The signature round silhouette design of the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 expresses its distinctiveness. This speaker is crafted in an aluminum and fabric finish and gives an elegant look and feel.

It comes with an integrated aluminum handle for easy portability.

It has wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. It features Wireless Dual Sound Technology that enables it to connect two Onyx Studio 6 speakers.

This portable speaker is IPX7 Waterproof.

This portable speaker with a rechargeable battery specifies  8 hours of playtime.

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5 offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It is also provided with Aux-in Interface for wired connectivity from mobile.

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4. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,


Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India

One of the best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India that can bring extra happiness to your outdoor activities.

The one-touch music controls make it ultimate to use on the go anywhere.

BOOM 3 It is designed with balanced 360° sound to deliver deep, accurate bass, loud sound.

The BOOM 3 comes with IP67 water and dustproof rating. Therefore it facilitates you to use it in outdoor activities without worry of water ingress.

This portable speaker can stay powered for 15 hours.

Their PartyUp app facilitates connecting multiple over 150 speakers to get the ultimate loud sound experience and boost the party experience.

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5. JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Portable Speaker


Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India

Enhance your musical experience to the next level with the Vibrant Lightshow of this JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Portable Speaker. It comes with 360° sound in combination with a vibrant 360° light show.

It features IPX7 waterproof rating that enables you to listen to music even by the beach or pool.

The JBL Connect+ technology facilitates you to wirelessly connect more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers and you can boost the sound to amplify the party.

This portable speaker also features a noise and echo-canceling speakerphone that enables to take clear calls.

Just shake the speaker to get a synchronized light show. You can even customize the light show experience at your fingertip through the JBL Connect app.

You can wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth and enjoy music with 360° sound.

The product offers 12 hours of playtime with its built-in rechargeable battery.

This JBL product comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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6. Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This is designed to experience an absolute 360° sound by Marshall. It utilizes True Stereophonic, a unique form of multi-directional sound to deliver Rich, clear, and loud sound.

It is crafted to withstand tough working conditions with long durability. The weight of this speaker is just 0.7 kg. It is very light and can even fit in the palm of the hand. This is one of the very compact speakers and very handy and easy to carry anywhere.

It features an IPX7 water-resistance rating. It enables you to use the speaker without the fear of water ingress and any damage.

It is provided with a multi-directional control knob that is Simple and easy to use and control the functions.

This portable speaker offers 20+ hours of playtime on a single charge. You can therefore enjoy your favorite music for long hours without interruption.

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7. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Top 10 Best portable wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This is one of the best, compact and attractive speakers from Bose. The Bose is known for the innovative technology that delivers bold sound from a small tiny unit.

This wireless speaker gets connected through Bluetooth 4.2 technology. It has a 3.5mm Auxiliary Port.

Its exterior is built with a soft-touch silicone that makes it easy to handle and carry.

The water resistance feature makes it easy to use outdoor anywhere.

It is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that is designed to withstand up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime. It can be recharged with USB power sources.

The speaker is also provided with a Built-in mic that enables speakerphone or accessing Siri or Google.

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8. Sony SRS-XB402M  Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India -Wireless

This very attractive Bluetooth speaker with extra bass can get you under Rs. 15000 in offer even though the price is high.

It is designed with dual passive radiators that work together with two full-range speaker units positioned in angled. This enhances the low-end tones and results in boosting the bass.

The 53 mm angled speaker units along with Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) speaker are positioned in a way to deliver high-performing, powerful sound. Its slanting hole grille design help to feel a clearer and powerful listening experience. The rounded shape of the speaker is crafted to minimize resonance, to distribute vibration evenly which helps to decrease interference and minimize distortion.

This speaker is IPX7 waterproof rated. This provided protection from water ingress. It is designed to be rustproof that protects it from damage from seawater. It also features the dustproof specification of IP6X. The speaker is shockproof. Due to these features, you can use this speaker to the beach, the forest, the desert, etc. without worry. Though the device has been tested by simulating such conditions the company does not recommend directly placing it on the sand, such as in a sandbox or on a sandy beach.

Through its Bluetooth technology, you can pair it with Smartphone or tablet using and seamlessly stream the music. The inbuilt lights add to the party fun. This multicolor light gets synchronized with music beats and enhances the party atmosphere.

Its Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates internet streaming. The built-in Amazon Alexa facilities you to request a favorite song, control volume, check the weather, traffic by using voice commands and without touching a button

The small hollow at the rear makes this speaker easy to hold, pick up and carry.

The Sony SRS-XB402M claims up to 12 hours of battery life in a single full charge. You can enjoy your event or part for long hours.

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9. Marshall Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India

This is designed to make it compact, sturdy, and durable to accompany you on the road and outdoor activities.

This speaker is designed to deliver a multi-directional musical experience through its blumlein stereo sound construction. To ensure rigidity and long durability it is constructed with a silicone exterior and steel metal grille.

Stockwell ii comes with Ipx4 water resistant rating. This enables you to use the speaker even in activities involving accidental splashing of water.

This is equipped with Bluetooth 5. 0 Technology for wireless connectivity. You can play music by connecting any Bluetooth device in a range of up to 30 feet. It comes with Multi-host functionality. With this feature, you can connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices.

For easy control, it is provided with analog control knobs on the top panel. You can control the bass, treble, volume and can fine-tune the desired sound quality.

It is provided with a carry strap that facilitates it to carry easily.

This Stockwell ii claims 20+ hours of playtime on a single charge. It makes you listen to music for long hours and enjoy outdoor activity uninterruptedly.

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10. JBL Xtreme 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India

Even though it is expensive we have selected this attractive Bluetooth speaker considering its features. This is the best speakerphone under Rs. 20000. This can be your best, sturdy, rugged musical companion during your outdoor, adventurous activities or parties.

JBL Xtreme 2 portable Bluetooth speaker designed to deliver JBL signature sound quality. The speaker is equipped with four drivers, two Bass Radiators to get Dynamic and immersive stereo sound.

This speaker is constructed with durable fabric and rugged rubber housing that makes it usable in outdoor and adventure activities. Now need not hesitate to carry speaker in such activities.

The speaker features IPX7 waterproof design. This enables you to use the beach or the pool without any worry of spills or even submersion in water.

It is equipped with Echo-Cancelling Speakerphone to facilities to take clear speaker calls with the touch of a button.

It facilitates the wireless connection of up to 2 smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth technology.

For bigger part events you may require loud sound. Through  JBL Connect+ you can wirelessly link more than 100 compatible JBL Connect+ enabled speakers and boost the musical experience to take part even more memorable.

The speaker is provided with integrated hooks, a durable metal base. The bottle opener is provided to the carrying strap that adds to the user’s convenience.

It is equipped with a heavy 10000mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery that can support up to 15 hours of playtime. It can also be used as a Power Bank and can charge your device via a USB port.

This speaker offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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If you are planning an outdoor event or any adventurous activity then definitely think of having a Bluetooth speaker along with you. This will add to your enjoyment with vibrant musical experiences. Hope this list of 10 best Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Under 15000 in India will help to find your best speaker. We have made this effort to make your product search job easy and time-saving. Hope this will help to find the best wireless portable musical companion in the outdoor journey.


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