Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in India 2023

If you are looking for a compact, wireless, portable, speaker then you are landing at the right destination. We have selected the Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India that have the capabilities to become your best musical companion during outdoor activities.

Every beat of music adds to the fun in life. The event, parties become more enjoyable if music is added to them. But when you are traveling or away from home, you may miss your favourite tunes. The outside environment conditions do not allow us to carry the indoor music systems outside. The home music systems do not carry the capabilities to withstand the outdoor dusty, wet environment. In such conditions, a compact, wireless, Bluetooth speaker is the best option. These speakers will add music to your every outdoor event and enhance the enjoyment.


Features in Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 5000

These compact Bluetooth speakers are available in a wide range in the market. The features vary depending upon the manufacturer, price, etc. Following are some of the important features that we find in wireless speakers under 5000.


These speakers are normally compact in size. Some speakers are so compact that they can fit in your palm of the hand. These are light in weight and occupy less space in your bag. The compact size and lightweight make handling of the speaker easy.


These compact speakers are attractive in look. The parts and controls are smartly packaged in tiny housing. The modern look of these speakers will definitely enhance the look of your room and ambiance.

Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof

Outdoor activities like adventurous activities, events, parties involve a dusty, wet environment. Therefore the speaker should be capable of withstanding such conditions. The Bluetooth speaker therefore should be designed to be waterproof, dustproof. It should be able to withstand shocks that may occur during traveling. These features protect the speaker from damage due to the ingress of water, dust, sand, etc. These features enable you to take the speaker outdoor anywhere without any fear of damage.

[ Note: Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof features provide protection to the speaker from water, dust, sand, etc. during outdoor activities. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the respective product. Some speakers only support the splashing of water. Some advanced speakers can support complete immersion in water. Confirm these specifications and select speaker as per need.]


The wireless speaker is equipped with Bluetooth technology. With this, you can establish a connection between the speaker and a device like a smartphone, tablet, etc, and access the music. Some speakers also provide other connectivity options like a USB port, Aux-in, SD card, FM, etc.

Built-in Mic, Voice assistance

The built-in mic helps to take calls on the speaker. This helps in hands-free operations. Some speakers also support voice assistance and enable operations with voice commands.


The Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a battery. Higher the battery capacity better will be the playtime. The battery life also depends upon various operating conditions.

The speakers also act as power banks. You can charge your devices like smartphones, tablets from the speaker through the USB port.

Multi speaker linking

This feature enables you to link two or many compatible speakers. With this, you can boost the sound and enhance the party musical environment.


Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India

If you start searching Bluetooth speakers then you will find wide varieties. You may get confused while choosing the best one. This also requires a lot of time to search. Therefore to make your job easy we have filtered some best Portable Bluetooth speakers that you can buy under Rs. 5000 in India. The selection is based on the offer price at the time of review. The offer price keeps on changing therefore please ensure the latest price before finalizing any product.


1. Sony SRS-XB12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best wireless speakers under 5000 in India

This is one of the best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in India that features Extra bass with a deep, punchy sound.

It features a passive radiator that works with the monaural speaker and enhances low-end tones. This is designed to give a boost to the bass despite the compact size. This wireless speaker is so compact that you can carry it anywhere and enjoy your every musical moment anytime. It comes with a detachable strap that facilitates you to easily hang it up.

It is designed with an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. Therefore it is capable of surviving in wet conditions, odd rain showers, or accidental water spillage. The IP67 dustproof rating makes it usable to the pool, the forest, the desert, or any dusty atmosphere. Both these features offer you great peace of mind and fearlessly using it in outdoor activities. (The placing of the system directly on the sand, such as in a sandbox or on a sandy beach is not recommended by the manufacturer)

For stereo sound effects, you can simply connect two compatible wireless speakers.

It features a built-in Mic that facilitates hands-free calling.

The speaker claims a battery life of up to 16 hours on a single charge.

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2. JBL Flip 3 Stealth Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India

This is one of the best compact wireless Bluetooth speakers that is designed to deliver surprisingly powerful, room-filling JBL Signature stereo sound.

The exterior of this speaker is IPX7 waterproof rated. It is packaged into a waterproof durable fabric. This feature makes it usable from tabletop to poolside. It is designed for you all-purpose, all-season companion.

It is power by Powered by a 3000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. It is designed to withstand up to 10 hours of non-stop playtime. This facilitates you to enjoy your events for long hours without fear of battery discharge.

This product comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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3. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best wireless speakers under 5000

This compact speaker is designed to deliver booming sound in a small-sized package.

It is designed to be completely waterproof. It can float, and even accompany you in the pool, shower, waterfall, and any wet condition. Even you can rinse it if gets dirty. It is built to be shockproof and can easily handle shocks during traveling and on bumpy rides.

It is so handy that it gets accommodated easily in the bag. It is provided with a hang loop so that you can strap it to your backpack.

You can boost the sound by pairing two WONDERBOOM speakers and boost party enjoyment.

This speaker specifies 10 hours of battery life so that you can enjoy long musical hours.

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4. Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Speakers

Best wireless Bluetooth speakers under 5000

This compact sound system is engineered by Cambridge SoundWorks. It is equipped with two precision acoustic drivers to deliver high-quality crystal clear sound. The passive bass radiator design enhances the bass.

This can be your best musical companion for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, cars, outdoor events, and parties.

It features IPX5 Water resistance that makes it splash-proof, rainproof. Its waterproof, dustproof design makes it suitable for use on the beach, poolside, cars, boats, and golf cart cup holders.

This IPX5 rating speaker is only capable of resisting gentle water spray and splash. This can not be partially or fully submerged in water.

It comes with a built-in mic that enables hands-free speakerphone calls from Smartphones and iPhones.

Light in weight and can easily fit in your backpack. Very compact and comfortable to carry during travel.

It is equipped with a rechargeable 2200mAh battery that offers up to 7 hours of playtime.

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5. boAt Stone 1200 14W Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth speakers under 5000

Enjoy a playback experience with this boAt Stone 1200 14W portable wireless Bluetooth speaker.

It features RGB LEDs that enhance the musical ambiance with the right vibe. This is equipped with a passive bass radiator that offers a 14W thumping sound.

This cylindrically constructed speaker features IPX7 rated water resistance.

The speaker features Bluetooth v5.0 that supports instant wireless connectivity. It also comes with other connectivity options like AUX, USB, and FM modes.

This wireless speaker offers 9 hours of playtime on a single full charge without RGB LEDs and up to 7 hours with the RGB LEDs.

This comes with a TWS feature that enables connect two Stone 1200s speakers for a bigger musical impact. It is provided with a mic for receiving calls and also supports instant voice assistant through a single tap.

It is provided with a strap that makes it easy to handle and carry.

This boat speaker comes with a 1 year of warranty.

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6. Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India

This portable, Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver clear, room-filling sound. Tribit StormBox will facilitate you the easy way of listening to your favorite music. Its features and look makes it one of the best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in India.

It is constructed in a way to deliver 360 Degree Sound with rich notes from all directions. You can now add thundering bass to your party due to its exclusive XBass Technology and boost your party ambiance.

This speaker is waterproof and is designed to withstand wet conditions, a splash of water, and even a fall in the pool. The waterproof construction makes it usable in all weather conditions without worry.

Its cylindrical body looks to be sturdy and stylish and jells with modern design trends. It is constructed with tough rubber and strong fabric so that it can survive for long years. 

The speaker features wireless Dual Pairing to get Theater Experience. You can Pair two Tribit StormBox wireless speakers together and boost the sound. The combined output amplifies the sound so that you get full stereo, theatre sound.

Your adventure or outdoor activity can become more enjoyable if you add music to it. This wireless speaker facilitates having music anytime and anywhere. Its compact body, lightweight and silicone strap make its carrying easy.

It features Bluetooth 4.2 technology for a secure connection between Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Echo products. You can control your music with voice commands and also answer a phone call.

The products specify up to 20 hours of nonstop Playtime.

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7. DOSS E-Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in IndiaTop 10 Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India

This is equipped with a 6W stereo driver to delivers impactful sound with bass.

This compact speaker is designed with an IPX6 Waterproof rating so that you can enjoy your favourite music anywhere be it a beach, the pool, in the shower, or even playing in the rain. It Is Designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The speaker is Dustproof, shockproof. It is enclosed in a durable silicone housing and port cover. This construction makes it tough and ensures protection against water, sand, and dust.

It features Bluetooth 4.1 to ensure wireless connectivity with connection stability up to 33 feet. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

This speaker is provided with a built-in microphone. This Bluetooth speaker supports Aux-In, TF card, as well as the Amazon Echo Dot.

It is so compact and portable that you can fit it in the palm of your hand or in your bag. You can conveniently take your music anywhere.

This compact and sturdy unit is one of the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 in India. It offers a 12-month warranty.

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8. Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Top 10 Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India

This is one of the tiny yet powerful Bluetooth speakers with built-in XBass tuning DSP technology to deliver you deep sound. This Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver loud, clear sounds with deep bass.

This portable compact speaker is designed to perform any occasion such as adventure, outdoor activities climbing, hiking, summer pool parties, picnics, and afternoon barbecues.

It is enclosed into a rugged housing and designed to withstand falls, whether onto a rock or into the mud. This makes it super suitable for adventurous activities.

This speaker comes with IP67 Waterproof protection with a fabric-covered exterior that is designed to handle anything from falls to dunks in water. This is also made to be Dustproof. This enables you to take this speaker even in a dusty environment.

This speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 technology that offers a faster and stable connection with your device. It is also provided with a built-in mic.

You can ramp up your musical experience by simultaneously playing other StormBox Micro Bluetooth speakers together in Stereo Mode.

It is so compact that it can fit in the palm. It is equipped with a tear-resistant strap. This can be easily strapped to your backpack, cooler, belt loop, tree branch, or even onto the handlebars of a bicycle. This provides great handling convenience.

It is provided with a rechargeable battery. This offers up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge so you can enjoy long hours with friends and family without concern about battery life. The modern USB-C charging cable is used.

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9. Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India

This compact, wireless speaker is designed to achieve high-impact quality sound through Tribit’s audio engineering.

This portable speaker is designed to produce a multi-directional musical experience and can become your musical companion during indoor as well as outdoor activities.

This speaker has a waterproof feature that gives resistance to water, dust, sand, etc. This makes you fearless while using outdoor activities that may involve wet conditions, humid, or dusty environments. The speaker looks to be Rugged in construction as they have used premium quality materials.

The speaker also comes with a built-in microphone that enables hands-free speakerphone operations. It features Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity.

This product claims continuous playtime of up to 20 hours in single charging.

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10. iBall Musi Boom Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bluetooth speakers under 5000

This best compact wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is built with a special fused body to withstand rough use.

It features IPX 7 Waterproof body to ensure safety from damage due to water.

The speaker is enclosed in a case with rugged rubber to withstand the tough environment and handling. Its barrel-type design with different colour options adds to its aesthetics.

This speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology provided for wireless connectivity. The built-in Mic enables hands-free conversations. It is provided with AUX inputs

Because of its  TWS Technology you can join up 2 Musi Boom speakers and make a 2.0 wireless system for the enhanced musical experience.

This speaker comes with a carry belt that makes it portable and easy to handle.

It offers 24 hours of playtime that enables you to enjoy events for long hours. You can also use it as a power bank to charge your smartphones and tablets via a USB port.

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The speakers we have selected are so compact and easy to carry that you can take these speakers anywhere, anytime. Now need not miss your favourite tunes when you are outdoor. These best portable Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India are even capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. These capabilities are normally we do not find in indoor music systems. These speakers do not occupy much space. All these features make these compact Bluetooth speakers the best musical companion during outdoor journeys. Hope this article will help to find your best wireless speaker that will make your outdoor events more enjoyable and memorable.


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